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New Audio on Steve's Blog

You will notice a test audio file from yesterday directly below this message.
This is a great feature for chasers who use blogging like I do to create their logs post-chase. Blogger offers a free service to users where you simply dial a phone # (long distance) and punch in a pin #. After that you hear a tone you are able to leave messages to your blog. These are audio files like what you see below and are in MP3 format so they can be easily lifted for use on a website in logs or whatever else.
I see this as being a GREAT tool for near-realtime reporting "Just saw a 40 yard-wide tornado 4 miles southwest of Shamrock, TX - tornado crossed two fields and destroyed a billboard." You get the idea.
Completing an audio file should never come before notifying the NWS or local authorities in real-time but certainly this will be a great way to leave info on a blog for cataloging later without needing to access the internet and type during a chase.

8/13/05 Forecast