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Hurricane Katrina part III (shame on you people)

It is apparent by the e-mails I have been getting over the past 12 hours that the readers of my blog are on edge because I am not targeting New Orleans for landfall. One reader went as far as to say I am being irresponsible and could cost many people their lives should they believe my forecast.
Folks, here's the deal. I am degreed in the business field where I work in marketing/brand management and lobbying. I am not a meteorologist. I chase storms as a hobby. I forecast as a hobby. I am not a horrible forecaster when it comes to severe weather, in fact I am quite happy with how far I have come over the past almost 14 years of forecasting severe weather and normally get my storm. That still does not make me a meteorologist.
I started learning about hurricane forecasting last year and have continued on my quest for more information. Looking at forecast models in a much larger scope and trying to figure landfall is a tough job... I wouldn't want to do it professionally.
I do, however, enjoy armchair forecasting hurricane events and will write my forecasts as I do my normal severe weather forecasts. It is an exercise I do for myself.
So, if you read my forecasts here at the HamWx blog, please read my related disclaimer at HamWx.
Over the next 36 hours you will find more information about this storm than you will ever want. I am very intrigued by Katrina and her potential and will be on top of it with forecasts and reports along the way. Please use my blog as a supplement for other forecasts or ignore it altogether if you are basing your exit from the gulf coast on my forecast interpretation. Somehow I doubt anyone would though.
Oh yeah, you should know I'm starting to think Katrina will hit New Orleans...

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