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Hurricane Katrina part II

Katrina will be away from decent radar for the next 24 hours so I guess I will start posting satellite images with my updates.
My personal forecast has not changed much. Variables are the same as yesterday with the exception of some steering components that have the storm making landfall a tad west of my Tallahassee, FL target. I keep hearing on the news that New Orleans is in the path of the storm... Why is it that people in the news world want New Orleans to get hit so bad? Is it because New Orleans has a history of avoiding what might seem like an inevitability and that would be newsworthy or is it that when a storm of this magnitude hits New Orleans, it will certainly be one of the most catastrophic natural disasters this nation has seen since the Corpus Christi hurricane? I'll vote for the latter. For some reason when a large city gets owned by a monster, it makes for good news footage for everyone else in the country to watch. Ratings Ratings Ratings!
Well, the storm will not hit New Orleans but they may get some rain out of it - send Geraldo to cover that.
Check out this link to see the estimated cost of damage expected with this storm and others.
Enough for now - more later.

Hurricane Katrina part III (shame on you people)

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