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Forecast for 8/24/05 part V

12z NAM is worthless the way I see it. Placement went to hell and values decreased and spread all over the place.
Moving over to the 12z RUC, it appears to have a good grasp on things. The RUC agrees more with the eurpopean and increases support for the mid-levels. The RUC also agrees with my target from yesterday morning which I have stuck with throughout the past 24 hours of forecasting - thank god. I love it when I'm right. I suppose I shouldn't get too full of myself until this verifies but... I'll be there to see if it does or not.
I wish all 5 of you who will be chasing today the best of luck! heh...

8/24/05 Enid, OK Chase

Forecast for 8/24/05 part IV