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Forecast for 8/20/05 part II

Currently working on a 06z(8/19) forecast for 18-00z 8/20/05.
This is a tough forecast because of the NAM having issues with boundaries. Seems that the Caney, KS to Wichita, KS target still looks good. I thought about posting some graphics here like usual but they are all so conflicting. This will be a "decision at 00Z" chase.
Some models are dropping the activity south in to Central & NE Okla. Regardless, this will be an easy chase day drive-wise which is good considering the fact that things are so inconsistent forecast-wise!
Upper level support is not looking good according to the NAM although the european is showing great support. I would like to side with the european since it was so good to us back in May and June and this system is similar to a system we would be dealing with in May.
More after 12z renderings - I'm sick of looking at 6z stuff - it just does not make sense.

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