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Don't Shower During a Thunderstorm

This picture demonstrates why you shouldn't shower during a thunderstorm.

Kelly Baker, a chaser from Jenks, OK took this picture of a pipe he extracted from the footing of his lake house. During a recent thunderstorm, lightning directly hit an antenna and traveled through the cable and somehow a copper water pipe. This pipe grounded at the footing and where it grounded is the section of pipe pictured above.
The left-hand side, the side running from the inside of the home to the outside is creased shut and looks like a 'C' if held up horizontally end to end. The pressure hole in the middle was the portion of the pipe that was well grounded. What we are trying to figure out is how there was a pressure burst AFTER the crease with clear, open pipe past that.
The strike damaged several items in the home including TV's and a dishwasher.

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