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8/20/05 Pawnee, OK Chase

Bob, Justin and I left Tulsa around 1:00pm for a Tonkawa, OK target.
Along the way, Justin did his analysis and agreed on the area so west we went.
With little hope for a supercell today, the chase felt a lot like a March chase; a "gentleman's chase" (designed to work out the bugs and familiarize yourself with any new gear before the season).
As we we were driving and chomping down on some McFood, we watched a massive explosion of a storm just north of Pawnee, OK. This was rooted on the outflow boundary and not moving much at all, just building south a little... A quick check of the XM radar and realization was confirms that this particular cell was about to be the focus for the day.
This was a bonus as we were able to get on the storm early and chase while still getting home in time for dinner! I LOVE chasing in OKLA!
Since I am without internet connection today because COX communications cut off my cable rather than my deliquent bill-paying neighbors' cable on accident, I will cut this account short and send you to my chase partner's page for his account.

Overall it was a great chase. Bob, Justin and I met Mike Gauldin along the way and, as always, had a great time.
Check www.hamwx.com often as I will be updating the 8-17 and 8-20 chase accounts. Pictures and videos will be up by Tuesday. Look for soon-to-be-classic video titles such as: "Justin Screams Like a Little Bitch" and "Dude, Is That A Tick?"

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