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8/13/05 Forecast

Again tomorrow I see potential for svr in the Colby, KS area. SPC does not have any indications of activity in that area but it is nothing new for me to forecast something outside of their concentrated area. In this case, "SEE TEXT" is the mode for tomorrow as of the 0800 DAY2 update. I see no reason to drive to Colby tomorrow at this point but I do believe if I lived a little closer that would be a promising drive, if for nothing else, a few good structure shots.
A few of the combined indexes show a blob of torn potential on the KS/NEB border directly South of Beatrice for tomorrow as well. I will be looking at this area for indications of potential. That is a drive I would be willing to make as that geographic area has always been very good to me!
SB CAPE of 1500 and LI's of -2 are minimal and lapse rates and shear are not in good balance so, given the cost of gas - -
Wow, I have just used this blog to talk myself out of a chase!

Forecast for 8/17/05 part I

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