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Tornado watchbox went up at 4:00PM today for N. Oklahoma and S. Kansas. Enid, OK was my initial target and then I modified it to Buffalo, OK after satellite started to show some CU around 3:00PM.
Needless to say, I was at work and unable to get away until after 4:45 or so. I was not able to get out to NW Okla. Chuck Allison did though and should have been in the perfect spot to see the action that occurred there this evening. I have not talked to him to confirm yet but I'm sure he will have some great video.
Bob and I went ahead and loaded the chase jeep in case something decided to go up along a draping boundary that extended well in to eastern OK. Since the torn watch was over this far and upper-level support was there as well as a little powerful wording from the 4:30 HWO out of NWS TSA, we wanted to be ready.
At about 5:20, we were sitting in my driveway trying to decide whether we need to abort and dismantle the vehicle of all our electronics when Bob saw tops shoot up on the Mobile ThreatNet radar. The next scan showed yellow and the storm was only about 20 miles away around Coweta, OK. We headed out after the cell assuming it would stick together in the good air. Right before entering the Muskogee Turnpike (or whatever you call it) the cell almost completely disappeared. Amazing.
So, of course we hung out in the area for a little while hoping the cap might be weak there. Nope. Solid as a rock for 30-45 min.
So, a 28 mile chase isn't too bad for a bust, right?