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Another 215 miles traveled today.
After yesterday I guess separation anxiety set in - I had not driven the chase jeep in over 16 hours... I had to chase again!
At about 2:30pm today, Bob called and said SPC had just issued a Mesoscale Discussion concerning the Tulsa area and points SW and NE of the Tulsa metro. This MCD was concerning a tornado watch that would be issued at 3:00PM.
By the time I got things wrapped up at the office, the torn watch was out and we were on the road within :30 - Target: Muskogee, OK.
We arrived in Muskogee, got filled up with fuel and positioned ourselves on HWY 62 where I thought the best air would be. A discrete cell fired about 30 miles to our NE and off we went.
Through the jungles of extreme east-central Oklahoma we sped through switchbacks (they're not that bad really) until we reached the Arkansas border. We crossed and got about 8 miles into Arkansas on Hwy 412 before the storm split. We called off the chase and admitted defeat - - AGAIN - - as we headed back to Tulsa via 412.
On our way back an embedded cell in the line along the front was rotating just north of Locust Grove in eastern OK. We stopped and filmed a little of the associated wall cloud. You should be able to see it tonight at 10:00 on KTUL in Tulsa. I had to speed it up a little to make it look good. When you have a year like we have, you shoot ANY wall cloud, no matter how fast it is rotating! There is always time-lapse to help mamma nature look a little better on video... Wall clouds used to be a dime a doven - not this year.
Sorry we never hooked up out there today Chuck. You missed out on the fastest scenic route to Arkansas ever! Oh yeah, check out Chucks blog from today concerning June 12. It is quite funny indeed.
Thanks to Don for the killer nowcasting. Sorry bout your windshield man!

Until next time...