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Competitors No More: The ChaserTV Story

Friends, you have heard me talk about a lot of different subjects here in my blog but one you rarely read about is my partnership in ChaserTV. ChaserTV, a brainchild of Scott Bennett and myself, began in the fall of 2008; a live streaming breaking weather video company for storm chasers. It started out as a handful of chasers who wanted to be freelance live streaming video providers to networks and network affiliates during times of breaking weather. There was one option for this type of service and that was Severe Studios. It just wasn't working out in our service provider / customer relationship; it was time for a change.
ChaserTV was created and was cool. It had a killer website upon launch, some neat exclusive features, utilized flash video with auto restart on the input and output side of things and, most of all, Scott and I provided this tiny amount of chasers with some great support. We were contract free, very cheap and easy to set-up too. Everything I have listed in the prior two sentences led to that handful of chasers turning into a dozen, then 30, then 150.

Along the way we realized we were in the process of commercializing our chase hobby. This was both good (money) and bad (time requirements) as chasing was slowly moving to the back burner in support of maintaining a quality product.  This is not what either of us wanted and we even tried to give the company away to TVN in it's infancy. They screwed the pooch on that deal though; said they would take ALL ChaserTV subscribers, then when we announced the deal, they turned the less popular chasers away. They got pissed when we called them on it and then made a crappy post about it on their website for all to see. It ultimately got blamed on Don Gigololnoio (or whatever his name is) but I'll never know who was at fault. Regardless, this was the shot in the arm that Scott and I needed to buckle down and create the best option for freelance streamers in the world. We did just that and I appreciate TVN for the boost.

Scott and I sold ChaserTV to a competitor, Weather Decision Technologies, last week with 163 freelance subscribers, millions of site visits and some really cool equipment (details here). Not a bad run for a couple guys keying away in their spare time.
We negotiated a contract with the CEO of WDT, along with fellow storm chaser J.R. Hehnly (WDT Senior Developer) that was absolutely incredible. ChaserTV would get a new home with a whole staff of support and development employees. It would get WDT's very intuitive iMap upgrade that opens revenue sharing potential for subscribers. Best of all? Things would not change for ChaserTV subscribers and viewers at all. CTV will remain it's own entity.
We could not ask for a better situation. I'm unaware of any previous large storm chasing-oriented company acquisitions like this.

Scott and I will continue to operate and grow our news video company, eZuplink. The product line is very similar, only specialized to certain types of video and customers. This too is a niche market company with great potential.

No longer concerned with "pimping" streams, broken feeds or "delicate" customers, Scott and I will be roaming the plains this storm season, streaming live video through ChaserTV, only as customers now.

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