Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The (school) Closer

Intense snow band intersecting OKC at this time. Tulsa should get clipped by a good portion of this.

And the latest feature on Stormtrack is...

And the newest cool feature on Stormtrack is..... RadarScope Online! Check it out by clicking here!

Annnnd, it's finally snowing

I'm very anxious to know how this storm will play out. As late as 00z yesterday OKC was below freezing by now but the energy was already to be shifting east of the metro. Instead, we have phase two of the energy showing up just in time for prime conditions at all levels for snow. A ton of snow.
Now, that said, a ton of snow in Oklahoma terms vs. Michigan or Rocky Mountain states terms is relative...

I may be crazy but things look to be a little more intense on the snowfall side of things now that this has arrived. I suspect we will see higher totals.

Some stats about severe weather from State Farm

In 2014, State Farm paid more than $870 million for claims as a result of tornado and high wind events. The top 10 states with the most tornado/wind State Farm claims were:  
  1. Illinois             10,884 claims
  2. Georgia            10,148 claims
  3. Texas               7,999 claims
  4. Ohio                 6,849 claims
  5. Tennessee        6,395 claims
  6. Indiana             5,945 claims
  7. Michigan          4,762 claims
  8. Alabama           4,612 claims
  9. Missouri           3,914 claims
  10. Kentucky          3,583 claims
This is a decrease from the nearly $1.3 billion the insurer paid for tornado and wind claims in 2013.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gonna be a long couple of days

There's nothing better for those of us in the weather business than a long-term event. Hurricanes are the most profitable, with large winter storms being a fairly distant second when it comes to exposure for risk and consumer products. It's a function of media hype factor + size of geographic area + populated areas affected.   

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another wintry weekend in Oklahoma

Face it, it's gonna be a crappy weekend. No, you don't need to stock up on bread and milk and you won't need to buy fuel for the generator. Expect an inch or so of snow in central OK with a little more accumulation in the west and southwest parts of the state, let's say 3". The eastern part of the state will see some flurries but nothing too impressive. Snow will start early tomorrow in the western part of the state and trek east. Mixed precip will occur Saturday and Sunday. No doubt this will be one of those Netflix weekends.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hope you're ready for a wintry week in Oklahoma!

Beginning Sunday afternoon, chances for snow increase and remain until Monday afternoon. Some areas will see 2-3" (see map). Again on Thursday another opportunity for accumulating snow is in the forecast. No snow total information is solid enough to mention quite yet but I'll update when it is.
Temps will be in the 30's all week with exception of Wednesday when most in the state will see daytime highs in the 40's.